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Catholic Thrift Store

The Catholic Thrift Store Celebrates 35th Anniversary

For 35 years, the Catholic Thrift Store has never closed its doors for lack of volunteers whom through their generous spirits—from their wholehearted service to their heartfelt smiles—have made this journey and milestone of 35 years possible. We are proud to say that the Thrift Store embodies the essence of volunteerism, which is uniquely St. George as a city and as a service community, and that each day we are open celebrates the Heart of the Volunteer.

One hundred-twenty (120) volunteers celebrated the store’s 35th anniversary at the annual Volunteer Appreciation luncheon, which was held at the Marriott. Guest speakers were Angie Mittleberger, one of the original volunteers who started the store; Steve Cross, former Store General Manager for 10+ years; Reverend Father Martin Picos; and Mayor John Pike. Angie and Steve spoke of past experiences regarding their years with the store and shared their memories. Father Martín spoke of the service given by the many volunteers, and Mayor John Pike thanked the volunteers and the store for the many contributions given to the community.

Saint George Catholic Church Thrift Store

The Catholic Thrift Store has been in operation for more than 27 years. Since the store was first opened, its Mission Statement has remained constant: All of the net income has been dedicated to the building fund. Typically we donate in excess of $200,000 annually to the building fund and do hundreds of cases of charity. Our entire inventory is recycled merchandise that might otherwise be discarded, offered at quite reasonable prices.

Store Hours:

Tuesday–Saturday: 9:30am–4:15pm
Monday & Sunday: closed for business
(Only intake area open Monday mornings)

Phone: 673-0849 or 673-1029

Begun as a non-profit organization on St. Patrick Day, 1981, the store had a small group of about six women volunteers.

Today, the store has over 160 unpaid volunteers—and its first paid administrative employee. It is a fun place to work where we try to assist our church, the community and the needy. Most volunteers work one four hour shift each week.

Each of them takes pride in their work, pride in helping their community, and pride in helping their Parish. Over the years the Catholic Thrift Store has been a significant source of funds needed to cope with growth of the parish.

One of our many, fun-loving volunteers can arrange a tour of our operation so you can determine if this is something that might be of interest to you. Call the store for more information.


Thrift Store Coordinator: Jackie Rickman, 673-4387
Assistant Coordinator: Diane Cellini

You can also find a Catholic Thrift Store in Hurricane.

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