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Bible Quiz – Genesis

  1. In the creation account the Lord created grass & fruit trees on which day?
  2. In ancient Israel, when did a day begin?
  3. Along with the Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil, which other tree also grew in the middle of the Garden of Eden?
  4. The 4 rivers associated with the Garden of Eden are the Euphrates, Hiddekel, Gihon, and _______?
  5. Previous to their meeting with the Lord in the Garden after they had disobeyed God, Adam & Eve made themselves clothing from fig leaves. True or False?
  6. Along with the Cherubim, what else did the Lord place on the east side of Eden when he expelled them from the Garden of Eden?
  7. Where did Cain commit the first recorded murder by killing his brother Abel?
  8. What is the name of the city founded by Cain, Abel’s brother? Hint: Cain named the city after his son.
  9. How many children did Adam & Eve have?
  10. Who is the oldest recorded person listed in the Bible?
  11. Did Noah really bring 2 of each animal into the Ark? True or False?
  12. How old was Noah when the flood waters came down?
  13. How long was it before the rains receded sufficiently for Noah’s Ark to come to rest so the door could be safely opened?
  14. Where did Noah’s Ark come to rest after the flood?
  15. When is the 1st time in the bible where the Lord God speaks out about abortion?
  16. Noah cursed this grandson. Name him and what was his punishment.
  17. What is the Table of Nations and why is it important?
  18. Noah had a very famous great-grandson. His name was ________.
  19. Noah’s grandson was the 1st __________ on Earth. He was also a mighty ______________ and built a famous city called ______________.
  20. The Lord God divided the single language of humanity into many languages in which city and why?
  21. Which city was Abram originally from?
  22. Which land is one of the places Abram passed through on his journey from Haran to Egypt?
  23. Lot and Abram went into different areas to settle after leaving Sodom and Gomorrah together because the land could not support their vast herds. Where did Abram settle and where did Lot settle?
  24. Where did Abram move to after the Lord God made the promise that he would give to him and his descendants forever all the lands he could see?
  25. Where did Abram rescue his brother’s son Lot and why was this important to Abram?
  26. Who was a King of Salem and a priest?
  27. What was Abraham’s faith in God’s promises to him regard as in light of our Christian expression of faith in God’s promises to us?
  28. What did the smoke and the fire of the brazier that appeared when a trance came upon Abram represent?
  29. When was the 1st translation of the Pentateuch, the Greek Septuagint completed?
  30. There are 4 sources (literary traditions) that are used in the composition of Genesis. What are they?
  31. What did the Lord’s messenger tell Hagar to do?
  32. What name did Hagar give to the Lord?
  33. How old was Abraham when the Lord told him he was to become the father of a host of nations?
  34. What name did God give to Sarai? What does Sarai mean?
  35. When the Lord appeared to Abraham by the terebinth of Mamre what did He reveal to Abraham?
  36. Which city was Abraham interceding for to the Lord?
  37. Who did the angels lead out of Sodom?
  38. What was the name of the small town that Lot fled to?
  39. What was the King of Gerar’s name?
  40. What was Abraham afraid of in Gerar?
  41. What was the name of the wilderness where Hagar & her son roamed?
  42. What does Beer-Sheeba mean?
  43. What doe Yahweh-yireh mean?
  44. Where was Abraham commanded by God to take his son Isaac?
  45. Where did Sarah die?
  46. What city did Abraham’s servant travel to in order to find a wife for Isaac?
  47. What was Rebekah’s brother’s name?
  48. How old was Abraham when he died?
  49. How many children did Ishmael have?
  50. Isaac had twins. What were their names?
  51. Esau became a skilled _______________?
  52. What was the name of the well dug by Isaac’s servants that the shepherds did not quarrel over?
  53. When Isaac left Abimelech where did he make his regular campsite?
  54. What two things did Jacob take from Esau?
  55. What were Jacobs’s wives names?
  56. How many sons did Leah bear with Jacob?
  57. How many daughters did Leah bear?
  58. What are mandrakes?
  59. What did Jacob use to mark the flocks?
  60. When Jacob left Laban which river did he cross?
  61. How did Rachel hide from Laban that it was she who had stolen his household images?
  62. What is the meaning of “Jegar-sahadathu” and “Gilead”?
  63. What was the name of the town in Gilead that Jacob said was God’s encampment?
  64. Why do the Israelites not eat the muscle that is on the hip socket?
  65. After meeting Esau where did Jacob build a home for himself and booths for his livestock?
  66. After arriving in Shechem Jacob bought a plot of ground, he set up an altar there and invoked what?
  67. Who raped Dinah, daughter of Jacob by Leah?
  68. What was the price that Jacob’s sons asked of Hamor for Dinah to become Shechem’s wife?
  69. Where did God tell Jacob to go upon leaving Shechem?
  70. What was the significance of the birth of Benjamin to Rachel on the road to Eprath?
  71. Who was the ancestor of the Edomites, in the highlands of Seir?
  72. Who occupied the highlands of Seir before the Edomites?
  73. Why did Israel love Joseph best of all his sons?
  74. What did Joseph’s brothers plan when Joseph found them tending the flocks in Dothan?
  75. How many sons did Shua bear for Judah?
  76. What did Tamar ask of Judah to insure her payment for having intercourse with her?
  77. Why did Potiphar make Joseph his personal attendant?
  78. What did the wife of Joseph’s Master do to Joseph because he would not lie with her out of honor to his Master?
  79. What did Joseph do for the Royal Cupbearer and the Chief Baker while they were imprisoned with him?
  80. What was the outcome of Joseph’s interpretations of the dreams?
  81. When Pharaoh had the dreams of the 7 healthy cows and the 7 unhealthy cows and the 7 fat ears of grain and the 7 thin ears of grain, what happened?
  82. What was the significance of the Royal Cupbearer telling Pharaoh of Joseph interpreting dreams?
  83. What was the purpose of Joseph’s ten brothers first trip to Egypt?
  84. Of what did Joseph accuse his brothers when they were before him to purchase the food?
  85. When famine had struck the land of Jacob and they needed more food purchased from Egypt, what was required of them to return to Egypt?
  86. What happened when Joseph saw his younger brother Benjamin?
  87. After his brothers left, what did Joseph tell his steward to do?
  88. What is divination?
  89. Where was the stolen goblet found and why?
  90. What happened when Joseph’s older brother asked to be enslaved in place of Benjamin?
  91. What does Joseph tell his brothers to do after he reveals himself?
  92. What happened when the brothers returned to Jacob and told him what they had learned?
  93. What does Joseph tell his relatives to say their occupation is when they are summoned to Pharaoh?
  94. When money ran out, and food was gone due to famine, what did Joseph tell people to do for food?
  95. The book of Genesis is divided into four parts, list them.
  96. How long was Jacob’s total lifespan?
  97. What was it that Jacob did with Ephraim and Manasseh?
  98. Jacob called his sons and said, “gather around, that I may tell you what is to happen in the days to come.” This was to be Jacob’s testament. What did he say?
  99. What was Jacob’s last request from his family?
  100. How old was Joseph at this death?