Saint George
Catholic Church

259 West 200 N, St George, Utah 84770

Parish Events Schedule
7:00pm English RCIA Scanlan, Fl. 2
7:00pm Holy Hour Hurricane
Second and Fourth Monday
10:30am Everyday God Retreat Scanlan, Fl. 2
9:00am Marian Hour
12–4pm Bridge Group Kuzy
7:00pm Spanish CCD, Grades K–5 Scanlan/Kuzy
7:00pm Neo Catechumenal Way Kuzy
7:00pm Spanish RCIA Scanlan/Kuzy
First Tuesday
6:30pm Women’s Group Kuzy
6:30pm Knights of Columbus Kuzy, Fl. 2
First Tuesday
1:30pm Mass at Veterans’ Home, Ivins 160N 200E
Noon: Deadline for Next Week’s Bulletin
6:30pm Holy Spirit Prayer Group Kuzy, Fl. 2
7:00pm Clases Bíblicas Scanlan, Fl. 3
7:00pm Holy Hour & Benediction
Third Wednesday
10:00am Walk for Life Bluff & 600 S
9:00am Way of the Cross of the Unborn
7:00pm Spanish CCD, Grades 6–9 Scanlan/Kuzy
7:00pm Spanish RCIA Scanlan/Kuzy
7:00pm Youth Group Kuzy
Second Thursday
1:30pm Mass at Sterling Court, St. George 324N 1680E
7:00pm Holy Hour, Spanish
First Friday
8:00am Anointing of the Sick at Mass
Last Friday
8:30am Eucharistic Adoration Begins
7:00pm Neo Catechumenal Way Kuzy, Fl. 2
First Saturday
8:00am Mass in Honor of Our Lady
10:00am Walk for Life Bluff & 600 S
After last Friday
6:00am Eucharistic Adoration ends with Mass
Third Weekend
At all Masses K of C Food Collection
9:00am English CCD Scanlan, Fl. 2
9:00am Adult Bible Study Scanlan, Fl. 2
5:00pm Rosary
Third Weekend
At all Masses K of C Food Collection

Looking Ahead
May 27 First Holy Communion (Spanish)
June 3 First Holy Communion (English)
June 27 Confirmation